optrprt-code-behindIn 2007, Fresh Brewed Media developed Natural Language Technology (NLT), establishing the unique capacity to transform investment data into natural language. Over the next several years, we expanded the capability of this cutting edge technology to incorporate a wider base of data-sets, including sports, travel, online shopping, social media, SEO reporting among others to answer the burgeoning demand for narrative interpretation of increasingly larger amount of raw data.

NLT now forms the core strength behind our investment news and opinion website, MarketIntelligenceCenter, with approximately 800 to 1,000 NLT stories Fresh Brewed each market day, and our subscription service, InvestorsObserver with approximately 1,000 Fresh Brewed Options Reports each day. Additionally, approximately 2 million pieces of content are Fresh Brewed for our institutional clients each month.

Our Natural Language Technology is at the core of a burgeoning market for automated content as the demand for comprehensible narrative using natural language on “Big Data” explodes.

Current Story Count:

The number of stories Fresh Brewed daily each year is growing exponentially.

Generated by Fresh Brewed Media: more than 24 million stories each year.
Under license from Fresh Brewed Media: more than 100 million stories each year.