InvestorsObserver is one of the oldest and most trusted subscription options trading services in the world today.   InvestorsObserver offers subscriptions that assist the self-directed investor with the guidance provided by five model portfolios, the timeliness of four daily trade alerts and a suite of powerful, patented, trading tools.  InvestorsObserver provides members with countless trading ideas based on time tested options strategies.  The InvestorsObserver experience is completely interactive and intuitive putting powerful algorithms at the fingertips of our members.

The technological backbone of InvestorsObserver also serves as the options technology behind some of the biggest financial and research institutions in the industry.

Market Intelligence Center

logo-mic-600x380MarketIntelligenceCenter relies on a team of dedicated and seasoned financial writers to gather news, dig deeply into the stories of every market day and explain clearly, with just the right touch of wisdom and wit what the news means for stocks, and how investors can stay on the right side of the trend-lines.  There is no replacement for our streetwise writers and analysts, however one of the most popular features of MarketIntelligenceCenter is the cutting edge Natural Language Technology (NLT) found in our Artificial Intelligence Center where we combine our families of patents to produce eight hundred to a thousand Freshly Brewed stories each market day including covered call trade ideas.

Between our staff of professional writers, our patented algorithms for picking trades and our state-of-the-art NLT, there isn’t a more complete source for timely and fresh market news and actionable trade ideas on the Internet.

Full Swing Stocks

Full Swing Stocks introduces the Hybrid System that joins the objectivity of the powerful FBM technology and the subjectivity of seasoned analysts to identify profitable stock trading ideas geared toward swing trading.

After 15 years of fine tuning algorithms for options trading we embarked on further development  to isolate candidates stocks for quality momentum trades, also known as “swing trades”. Then we applied a disciplined analytical approach to select only the best candidate stocks for swing trades and uncovered the perfect blend of technology and analyst oversight to introduce the first of its kind Hybrid System.

The Full Swing experience is simple and direct, informing subscribers when to open trades, how to manage stops with the proprietary SmartStop all the way through each trade to exit.  A typical swing trade is open from between a few days to a few weeks.


Stock Score Report

Stock Score Report is a proprietary scoring system combining short and long-term technical factors with Wall Street’s aggregate opinion that measures a stock’s investment suitability.

Stock Score Report continues FBM’s development in technology and further expands the niche beyond options. SSR also represents the first foray in mobile app development and has found a new, wider audience.

The Stock Score Report experience is simple and elegant providing users with  an overall score, Top Five Lists, a 12 month price forecast and the ability for users to create unlimited Custom Watchlists.