FBM Milestones

1999: Company founded

Fresh Brewed Media was founded while the dot-com investment boom was in full swing. Through careful investment in technology and personnel, the company laid the foundation to begin serving the demand for world-class options strategies and market news. Fresh Brewed Media established its core mission to offer safe, conservative hedged options strategies and to dispel the myths about options trading being only for high risk, high net worth traders.

2001: Morning Update & Investors Keyhole

Fresh Brewed Media begins publishing The Morning Update which was distributed to over 3,000 web pages including Microsoft Network, Yahoo!, and Charles Schwab. Today, The Morning Update is delivered to the inboxes of over 40 thousand subscribers before the opening bell each trading day.

In the same year, Fresh Brewed Media also began publishing InvestorsKeyhole daily trade alerts, which provide breaking news and tips from a network of traders, executives, analysts, and other expert sources. This service provides over sixty trade ideas each month with a documented profitable trade rate of over 89%.

2002: InvestorsObserver Launched

With most of the investment world still in shock from the bursting of the dot-com bubble, Fresh Brewed Media launched InvestorsObserver which introduced the remarkable but often overlooked strategy of conservative hedged options trading to Mainstreet.

InvestorsObserver provides members with model portfolios that walk them through every step of every leg of every trade. The site also provides timely trade alerts for investors who need to know what is going throughout the trading day so they can act fast. Perhaps most powerful of all, InvestorsObserver makes available to individual investors the very same high-powered options trading tools and state of the art technology that are used by our many corporate partners, and even by our own analysts.

2004:  MarketIntelligenceCenter Launched

Introduced the patented SmartReadMX technology that reads and rates company news.

MarketIntelligenceCenter is launched.  MarketIntelligenceCenter combines the insight of top quality writers and analysts, cutting edge technology and video to bring objective commentary on big business, the financial markets and investing.  The MarketIntelligenceCenter would quickly grow to several hundred thousand subscribers.

2005: AI Investment Portfolio Technology Patented

Fresh Brewed Media files a patent for technology that identifies optimal conservative trades with the highest probability of making profits while minimizing risk.  The new technology is much more than mere sorting tools; the algorithmic process is capable of analyzing investment portfolios, finding optimal hedged options trades, and sorting those trades by relative risk.

Fresh Brewed Media signs a deal with Standard & Poor’s to provide all analysis, reporting, and delivery of equity options content for S&P and their leading customers including Deutsche Bank, Wachovia, Fidelity Investments and many more.

2007: Natural Language Technology Patented

Fresh Brewed Media files a patent for transforming financial data in to natural language news stories.  FBM’s Natural Language Technology (NLT) today remains ahead of its time as the demand for narrative on big data continues to explode.

The FBM Financial News Service is launched for institutional clients and for syndication. Over 700 hundred stories are delivered each trading day.
Fresh Brewed Media enters into agreements with Financial Content and Comtex Financial for syndication.

2008: Institutional Growth

InvestorsObserver and Standard & Poor’s sign OptionsXpress who offers Option Strategy reports to their 300,000+ customers.

FBM Financial News Service expands to include more than 1,000 news stories every trading day.

InvestorsObserver and Standard & Poor’s sign Zecco Brokerage who offers Option Strategy reports to their 100,000+ customers.

InvestorsObserver and Standard & Poor’s sign Ameriprise Financial who offers Option Strategy Service  reports to their customers through its network of 10,000 financial advisors.

2009:  Fidelity, TD Ameritrade & CBOE

Chicago Board Options Exchange begins to publish InvestorsObserver market commentary and trading strategy.

TD Ameritrade launches S&P/InvestorsObserver Options Reports, InvestorsKeyhole Daily Alerts and Optimal Trade Finder, all powered by the patented technology of Fresh Brewed Media.

Fidelity Investments launches S&P/InvestorsObserver Options Reports, InvestorsKeyhole Daily Alerts and Optimal Trade Finder, all powered by the patented technology of Fresh Brewed Media.

2011: Under New Management

In 2011, Fresh Brewed Media underwent yet another transformation when it was purchased by O2 Media LLC.  O2 Media is a collaboration of Tim O’Donnell and Bill O’Donnell. Tim O’Donnell, who sold his suburban daily newspaper company to The Kansas City Star serves as the company’s CEO, while Bill O’Donnell’s venture capital firm ODE, LLC provided much of the funding. ODE has provided seed capital for over sixty start up companies has a knack for spotting difference-making new technology.  Some of the companies in the ODE portfolio include Bonobos, EVOL Burrito, Telemedicine Solutions, SCC-Ibotta and NatPets.

Under O2 Media’s leadership, Fresh Brewed Media is invigorated with the energy and capital of a start-up while holding steadfast to many of the core principles that has made it one of the most respected names in financial media.  Every aspect of Fresh Brewed Media receives a thorough overhaul; subscription offerings are broadened, publishing is reinvigorated, and institutional relationships are expanded and deepened.

The application for Natural Language Technology continues to expand exponentially as the demand for understandable narrative on exploding big data increases.   Our mission now includes making NLT available to anyone needing Fresh Brewed content.

2012: Sites Renovated

InvestorsObserver website is completely redesigned with a fresher, bolder and more modern look.  New membership levels are created giving the self-directed investor more choice in the tools and services they need.

MarketIntelligenceCenter radically changes its philosophy of publishing market news.  Our editors bet that readers will gladly welcome more in-depth, quality reporting.  New writers are hired, depth of coverage increases and a new home, the Artificial Intelligence Center is created for our auto-generated NLT stories to reside.  Combining quality journalism and NLT finds readership soaring to new heights.

Fresh Brewed Media moves from our offices in the basement of the old Merrill Lynch building to spacious new offices overlooking the beautiful downtown mall in Charlottesville, VA.

2013: NLT Patent Portfolio Grows

Fresh Brewed Media is granted additional patent in the area of Natural Language Technology.  As the demand for comprehensible narrative on data burgeons, the patent extends to data sets including sports, travel, online shopping, social media, SEO reporting among others.

Fresh Brewed Media and NASDAQ.com sign a syndication agreement that finds selected InvestorsObserver content published on NASDAQ.com website.

2014: Expansion Continues

InvestorsObserver is once again redesigned with members in mind.  Interactive tools become more intuitive, product offerings are augmented and live coaching is introduced for members.

Fresh Brewed Media takes all of its websites to the Cloud to ensure a more secure and stable serving environment.

Fresh Brewed Media bolsters its portfolio of patents with another Natural Language patent.

Fresh Brewed Media’s nucleus of patented core technologies is now helping other content publishers distill massive amounts of data for their own markets through a licensing program that allows publishers to utilize Natural Language Technology in serving their own individual niches.

2017: Full Swing Stocks Launched

Full Swing Stocks introduces the original Hybrid System for identifying stocks for swing trading.  Swing trading is when an investor holds a position from a few days to a few weeks and capitalizes on the stocks momentum.

Full Swing Stocks uses Fresh Brewed Media’s proprietary technology to identify quality candidate stocks and then those candidates are further analyzed by an experienced team of traders – hence The Hybrid model.  Full Swing Stocks also introduces SmartStop that begins as a stop loss but is managed to become a profit protection system.

The Full Swing philosophy is to take what the market gives by managing each trade individually without the ranges and simple targets of competitive services..