Every day, Fresh Brewed Media harnesses the power of our patented stock and option analysis tools to generate powerful investment ideas. We then use our Natural Language Technology (NLT) technology to produce natural language stories, reports, and trade alerts. By coupling the unrivaled technological power of artificial intelligence with the human insight of our team of experienced writers and analysts, we are able to create a high volume of the most reliable, sophisticated investment strategies for our growing family of stakeholders.

Through our own news sites and subscription services, as well as our widening array of corporate partners, the power of our technology is used today by financial institutions, publishers and investors throughout the world.

Fresh Brewed Media is relied on by these great companies

Fresh Brewed Media is proud to be a critical point of confluence for the world's rivers of investment news and commentary.  The same technology that forms the core strength of our own services and publications, also bolsters the options trading capabilities of our institutional clients that include many of Wall Street's most recognized and respected names.

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